In every romantic relationship, it is important for partners to get to know each other before making the decision to get married. Sometimes this period of getting to know someone lasts only a few months, while other times it can take several years. In the case of some relationships, the couple may have known each other since childhood, and that bond becomes the foundation that leads to a happy, long-lasting marriage. For Steve and Dominica Sperbeck of Windsor, a childhood friendship was indeed the start of their life together.

Steve and Dominica both grew up in Healdsburg and Windsor, and both attended Healdsburg Elementary School and Healdsburg High School together. The couple first met on the Healdsburg Elementary playground in fourth grade, while Steve was practicing his dance moves. When Steve and Dominica were 16, they had their first experience dating each other. Though they would temporarily separate after graduation in 1994 when Dominica went away for college, the couple reconnected quickly upon her return, and were married on September 15, 2001, at Griffith Woods. Since then, the couple has made uncountable wonderful memories together, often involving travel. “She watched me breakdance on the red porch at Healdsburg Elementary, and I’m still impressing her with my dance moves,” Steve says.

In the work world, Steve and Dominica have found fulfillment in their careers. After graduating, Dominica chose to attend California State University, Chico, where she received her BS Degree. She then attended the University of Tennessee’s Health Science Center’s School of Dentistry in order to complete her graduate work. Today, she is a Registered Dental Hygienist working a private practice, and also works as an Associate Faculty member at the Santa Rosa Junior College’s Allied Health Sciences.

Steve, meanwhile, initially chose to try out several different kinds of jobs, such as glass blowing and tree work. However, he found his true passion when he was 20. Joining a local electrical contractor, Steve discovered that he enjoyed doing electrical work, and his passion for this new career pushed him to continually learn more and more about the field. In 2006, Steve graduated from the Journeyman Electrician Program, after completing his Energized Equipment training and receiving his Level 1 Infrared certification the year prior. Last year, in 2021, Steve earned his Level 2 Infrared Certification.

Over the years, Steve has worked with a wide range of contractors throughout the county, ranging from small shops to corporations. For a time, he was even able to teach in the Electrical Trainee Program and the Journeyman Test Preparation courses via the Western Electrical Contractors Association. In 2011, Steve started his own business, Sperbeck Electric, though he took some time to work with other companies. In 2020, Steve returned his focus to Sperbeck Electric, and now offers his services through his company. “I love that I can bring a range of experience to the business and really appreciate the opportunity to work directly with the customer from start to finish. I’ve learned that knowing your ‘stuff,’ whatever it be, is only part of it. Yes, it’s a big part of it. But, we all want to feel trust and comfortable with our experiences with one another. This is what I want to bring to the business,” Steve says.

Outside of work, Steve and Dominica often take time to be out in nature. Hiking, mountain biking, and are even planning to go on a bike trip from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah. Steve is also a passionate football fan, having been born in San Francisco and living there until he was 10. As a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, Steve and Dominica make an effort to attend as many home games as possible, and even attend some away games as well.

The Sperbecks are also the proud parents of three wonderful children. Koby, the oldest, was an athlete in high school, and played for both the Windsor Knights and the Windsor High School Jaguars, receiving the Ironman of the Year award with the latter. Today, Koby has followed in his father’s footsteps as an electrician, and will soon be graduating from the apprenticeship program.

Christina, the Sperbecks’ daughter, took gymnastics and cheerleading in school. After high school, Christina chose to pursue her culinary passion of baking by training under several local pastry chefs, and now works at a high-end restaurant in Healdsburg. Eventually, Christina plans to open her own business to expand on this passion.

Kai, the youngest child of the Sperbeck family, has recently graduated from WHS, and will soon be attending the SRJC. Kai has been a soccer player since he was four years old, spending ten years with Santa Rosa United before joining the WHS varsity team for four years. After he completes his initial studies at the SRJC, Kai plans to transfer to a four-year program to earn his business degree.

Rounding out the family at home are the Sperbecks’ two pets: Nyla, the three-year-old Black Lab; and Tiger, the nine-year-old Orange Tabby Cat. Nyla often goes hiking and swimming with her family on the weekends, and loves the water like most Labs.

After spending much of their childhoods in Healdsburg and Windsor, Steve and Dominica knew that the opportunity to settle down and raise a family in Windsor was one they could not pass up. Not only do they already have a love for the Town’s layout and accessibility, they are also surrounded by other childhood friends who have also chosen to raise their own families in Windsor. The couple has lived in their house for 21 years now, and note that many of their neighbors predate even that. Their neighborhood has always felt like a family atmosphere, with many evenings spent out in front of their houses or eating dinner together. “When the kids were young, they knew they could go down the street and get an ice cream from Lonnie’s garage. Sometimes this spoiled their dinner, but we loved that the kids were living in a neighborhood where we all felt comfortable like this,” Steve says.

Ultimately, the Sperbeck family has been overjoyed to be able to live, love, and play in the Town they grew up knowing so well. Between their own experiences and the opportunities their children have been able to experience, Steve and Dominica know that Windsor was the right choice for raising their children. As they continue to enjoy the Town and all it has to offer, the Sperbecks also look forward to seeing Windsor continue to be amazing in the future. In their words: “It has been a special experience knowing the kids we have grown up with have also raised their families here in Windsor, and now our kids are growing up friends with their kids. We feel so fortunate to have had this experience and look forward to the next generation enjoying the same.”

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