A person is at their best when they have both a strong mind and a strong body. That combination will ensure that they can tackle many everyday issues without fear. Construction projects, math challenges, or even a daily word puzzle in the newspaper or online will be easier. But in order to reach these qualities, practice is required. That is why it is important for a community to have people who are ready and able to teach others the lessons they have learned on their own journeys to mental and physical strength. For Alex and Sharon Ferrer of Windsor, helping the Town grow stronger in all aspects is something they hope to continue doing for many years to come.

Alex and Sharon met when they were attending high school together at St. Vincent High School in Petaluma. While Sharon is a native of Tomales in Marin County, Alex was a foreign exchange student from Madrid, Spain. Though Alex only attended St. Vincent for his senior year of high school, he and Sharon fell in love and dated for 10 years, even when there was an entire ocean between them at times. In August of 2000, the couple married at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa. Almost 22 years later, Alex and Sharon continue to be in love with each other, and continue to make memories together.

Following their respective graduations from high school, both Alex and Sharon pursued higher education. Alex attended the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he received his master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration. Sharon, meanwhile, attended Brown University in Rhode Island, where she received her degree in Hispanic Literature and Culture, and a degree in Biology. After her graduation from Brown University, Sharon moved to Madrid to teach at the American School of Madrid. Five years later, Sharon returned to the United States, where she attended graduate school and earned her master’s degree in School Counseling.

After school, Alex worked for nearly 20 years as a management consultant for AT Kearney, first in Spain and then in California. Between the hours worked and weekly travel requirements, the job was grueling. In 2016, Alex chose to pursue an entirely different path, a path that perfectly aligned with his passion. In 2011, Alex began practicing CrossFit and quickly fell in love with it. Having a desire to help people from all different walks of life improve their lives and become the best possible version of themselves, Alex earned his coaching credentials through CrossFit and soon opened CrossFit Outpace on the Town Green. Though the pandemic had a massive negative impact on the fitness industry, CrossFit Outpace chose to adapt by offering outdoor classes, and recently opened an outdoor facility behind the gym’s main building.

Sharon, meanwhile, worked for 15 years in school counseling. Her career took her through many different locations throughout Sonoma County and the Bay Area, including Napa, Cloverdale, Santa Rosa, and Windsor. However, in 2014, Sharon made the transition from counseling to administration, and has worked at Cali Calmécac Language Academy for the past eight years. At first serving as the assistant principal, Sharon is now the principal of the Academy, and continues to work to ensure that Cali Calmécac offers the best education possible to its students.

In addition to their work, the Ferrers have also consistently been able to give back to the Windsor Community. At CrossFit Outpace, Alex holds yearly internal competitions for members to participate in for the betterment of the community. These competitions have included food drives for the Redwood Empire Food Bank, school supplies for the local Boys and Girls Club of Windsor, and most recently a donation of pet supplies to the Healdsburg Humane Society. “It’s a wonderful way to heighten our community involvement and give back to the causes and businesses we believe in,” Alex says.

At home, Alex and Sharon are proud parents to three amazing daughters. Laura, the eldest, has recently graduated from Windsor High School, and will be moving to New York City in order to pursue her career in fashion, as well as studying Public Health. One of her primary goals with the latter is to address the socio-economic disparities in the American health system by increasing equity and access for all. While still at WHS, Laura also loved working and being involved with the students in the Special Olympics program.

Lucia, the middle child, is a sophomore at WHS. Currently in the Arts, Music, Entertainment core, she has a great passion for entertainment. At the Sonoma County 5-Minute Short Film Festival, Lucia won the audience choice award for her short film. She has also participated in the Windsor-Healdsburg Community Choir, and is a member of the Junior Dance Club with Norquist Dance. This passion for entertainment has also allowed her to be involved with Arte en El Parque, a bilingual art program. This program allows Lucia to engage younger students with the world of art, combining her passion with the ability to give back to the community.

Cristina, the youngest, is currently attending Windsor Middle School as an 8th grader, and has found her own passion in the form of animals. For many years, Cristina volunteered with the Green Dog Rescue Project, even convincing her family to adopt a dog from the project. Currently, Cristina volunteers with a bilingual kindergarten class, helping spark the creativity of the students. Like Lucia, Cristina is also working with Arte en El Parque to inspire students in their artistic pursuits.

Finally, the family is proud to have three amazing pets. Aspen, a Black Lab adopted from Green Dog Rescue Project, loves to go to the dog park, while the cats Mittens and Smokey enjoy exploring the neighborhood when they can.

Within Windsor, the Ferrer family lives in the Vintana subdivision. Originally moving to the Shiloh Green neighborhood in 2005, the Ferrers moved to Vintana in 2010, and have loved the community in both locations. Now within walking distance to both CrossFit Outpace and Cali Calmécac, the Ferrers have been delighted to raise their family in the amazing Windsor Community, in addition to being able to give back. “Between running CrossFit Outpace and running Cali Calmécac Language Academy, we are constantly involved in our community! We both consider ourselves as having strong roots in our local community and contributing to advancing the education, health, and wellness of as many people as we can,” say the Ferrers.

Ultimately, the Ferrers have been delighted to be able to live and work in Windsor. Whether helping residents improve their physical strength at CrossFit Outpace or helping students to develop strong minds at Cali Calmécac, the Ferrers are doing their very best to make Windsor the best it can be. To the residents of Windsor, the Ferrers say: “Welcome to Windsor, a town where your kids are safe to grow, explore, and become the best version of themselves. We have fun and focus on community! The community of Windsor has allowed both of us to reach our highest potential while making strides to help advance the community and take care of the people within it.”

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