Being a part of a community can often mean living and working in the heart of that community. In Windsor, the area that many think of when it comes to the heart of the community is the Town Green, along with the Downtown area around that landmark. This area has become a bustling location full of shops and families spending time together, while also serving as one of the primary event hubs for the Town. For the Adams family of Windsor, being able to work and volunteer in this area has been one of the most fulfilling parts of their lives as members of the community.

The Adams family got its start in 2019, when Tracy and JC Adams were married at the Russian River. Tracy and JC are the proud parents of five children, all of whom love to spend time with one another, whether at home in Windsor or at the family’s summer cabin on the Russian River.

While JC works as the owner of KIN and the Publican in Downtown Windsor (along with KIN Smoke in Healdsburg), Tracy and her oldest daughter, Jessie, are the co-owners of two clothing boutiques on the Town Green: Trace & Jess for women, and Let It Fly for men.

Tracy graduated from Chico State in 1992 as a liberal studies major, and then earned her teaching credential at Dominican College in San Rafael. Over the past 25 years, Tracy has worked as an elementary school teacher, and for the past 14 years worked at St. Rose School as a Fourth Grade teacher. In November of 2020, Tracy decided the time was right to begin a brand new adventure, joining her daughter in opening their clothing boutiques on the Town Green.

Jessie, meanwhile, graduated from Chico State in 2019 with a degree in Social Work. After a brief period bartending at her step-dad’s restaurant, KIN, Jessie and her mother chose to open their business. Since December of 2020, Jessie has worked with her mother at Trace & Jess, and has been enjoying every minute of her time there.

Outside of their work as co-owners of their stores, Tracy and Jessie have a very strong bond. In addition to their shared love of reading, the mother and daughter duo enjoy walking in the foothills together. Though working in their shops has become their favorite way to spend time together, Tracy and Jessie have also grown closer through their other hobbies and shared interests.

In addition to Jessie, Tracy and JC are also the loving parents of their other four children: Grace, who also graduated from Chico State and lives in San Francisco; J.R., the only boy and a student at the Santa Rosa Junior College; Katie, who has recently started her freshman year at Cal Lutheran; and finally, Josie, who is currently a sixth grader at St. Rose School. “We definitely have a large family and there are things going on at all times! The craziest part is that we ALL get along so well and have so much fun when we are together! Whenever we all sit down for dinner it is a party!” Tracy says.

At home, the Adams family also has several pets. Tracy and JC own three dogs: Ruby, the Yorkshire Terrier, and Penny and Nala, the Basset Hounds. “Ruby is a breeze to take care of, but both bassets are troublemakers and get into daily mischief around the house!” Tracy says.

Jessie also owns her own cat, Phoebe. Jessie has been able to take care of Phoebe for over a year, and loves her furry friend. “She can be a little skittish at times, but overall she is a love! She enjoys laying on our couch that gets direct sunlight for her daily naps,” Jessie says.

When they are not at school or at one of their various businesses on the Town Green, the Adams family lives in a subdivision near the Foothills. While Jessie has moved to Petaluma with her boyfriend, Digory, she still loves Windsor and the fact that she was able to grow up in the Town. For Tracy and JC, living where they do not only allows them to be near the Foothills, but also means that getting to work is quick and easy.

Above all, the main thing that has appealed to the Adams family throughout their time in the Town and County has been the community of Windsor. “Windsor is a place you can go where everyone knows your name. The Town of Windsor and surrounding towns have been super supportive to us when it came to opening up both our shops during the pandemic. The Windsor community loves to shop local and we appreciate them for that! We love that Windsor is a small town, with a big heart,” Tracy says.

All in all, the Adams family has been a part of Windsor for many years. In addition to their work on the Town Green, they have done extensive volunteer work over the years, and hope to continue supporting the community for years to come. To the community, the Adams family shares two of their favorite mottos: “Don’t wait for storms to pass, learn to dance in the rain. Courage is the commitment to begin, even when there is no guarantee of success.”

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