Local nonprofit Boomerang Plus is proud to partner with the Raley’s store on Lakewood Drive, Windsor High School, and more, in order to bring to the community a brand new shopping experience, The Community Shops.

Located inside Raley’s on 8852 Lakewood Drive, The Community Shops is a brand new retail experience that showcases products from students and local small businesses. As a partnership between schools, businesses, and nonprofits, The Community Shops will be a space dedicated to multiple roles.

As its anchor tenants, The Community Shops will contain a student-run toy store, an art gallery, a logo wear shop, and a community resource center. In addition, The Community Shops will serve as a space that allows students, local vendors, fundraisers, and others to come together and meet. In addition to the vendor areas, there will be a dedicated section for roundtable discussion between students, businesspeople, nonprofits, or even groups such as the local Chamber of Commerce.

Along the back wall there will also be a beautiful mural created by the students of Windsor. In addition to being a great creative piece, this mural will also serve as a reminder of the strength of the Windsor Community.

The Community Shops space will also be able to host a variety of events, thanks to a large, open floor plan that can be configured as needed. The Community Shops will primarily be open from around 10am to 4pm, though this is subject to change.

David Hamelburg and Boomerang Plus are excited to present this offering to their community, but they acknowledge that this project would not work without the direct support of the students, schools, and businesses. Local students are encouraged to present their own creative products at The Community Shops, as they will have the opportunity to gain real-world business experience. There are many roles that can be filled, and all students are invited to lend a hand.

Whether you are a student looking to learn about business, an adult looking for great local products, or an organization looking to have a convenient place to hold a meeting, The Community Shops is available to all. Stop by, tell your friends, and let the students know that you are ready to support them in their educational and creative journey.

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