TLC was founded in 1975 with the mission to provide essential support to underserved youth in the foster care system. As the needs of the community have grown and shifted, TLC has expanded our programs and resources to meet the real-time demands of foster care, probation, and other underserved youth within and beyond Sonoma County.TLC Child and Family Services provides educational, mental health, and housing support to foster care, probation, transition age, and other at-risk youth through five programs, including foster care and adoption, a non-public high school, trauma informed mental health services, residential treatment, and transition age housing and mobile case management. For 47 years, TLC has been bolstering vulnerable youth in building independence and self resilience as they transition into adulthood. More than 250 young people receive specialized care through TLC’s programs everyday.

More About TLC

  • TLC’s Mission: Providing healthy, healing environments and experiences for foster and other youth and their families, in which their differences are leveraged, valued, and celebrated.
  • Values: Excellence, Integrity, Transparency, Collaboration, Equity.
  • Philosophy: TLC is committed to inviting, fostering, supporting, and affirming cultural diversity in all of its clients. We strive to eradicate prejudice and develop greater appreciation of multicultural diversity in our programs and thus in our staff and clients. We aim for a heightened awareness, sensitivity, and valuing of human differences. All programs and practices shall be endeavored to create an environment in which cultural, religious, ethnic, social, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and physical differences are valued.

Community Education / Fundraisers

TLC supports vulnerable youth and families during their greatest time of need. TLC is committed to creating opportunities for the community to learn about the needs and experiences of at-risk youth and get involved in the work TLC does. TLC hosts a couple events each year that focus on building support and raising funds to provide vital services for foster care, probation, transition age, and other underserved youth populations. TLC hosted a fundraiser which brought together 100 members of the community. Through that event, TLC raised $94,00 to support youth through essential housing, education, and mental health programs.

Make a Difference

If you are interested in getting involved in TLC’s work, joining them for future events, and making a difference in the lives of young people in need, contact

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