Lauren Hull and her 3 sons, Mason, Tristan and Jaxon moved to Windsor in 2017, the same month that the first issue of The WIndsor Connection magazine went into circulation and the same month the 2017 fires hit. “I was so scared” said Lauren-”scared that my new hometown and my new business were going to burn to the ground”. The next four years were tough too. The whole world has been in crisis but in Sonoma County, we have been through a lot. It really makes you appreciate the normal, simple “boring” days”.

Before moving to Windsor Lauren and her boys lived in Guerneville for 5 years and before that in Marin. “We moved a few times before we really found our place. Windsor is special. It reminds me of the town I grew up in where we all rode our bikes and walked all over town with our friends. Windsor is the perfect place for my kids to grow up”.

Lauren, who is normally the one asking the questions says, “Having this process turned around on me has been interesting. It just makes me appreciate everyone who participates even more. I am always asking the residents of Windsor to open up to me each month. They let us take a peek into their world and get to know them better. I like being on the other side of this more, but this has been a fun experience. Having Nicole Gross take pictures of my family is something I will cherish forever.”

Aside from being busy meeting with local business owners to get sponsorship for the magazine and meeting families to be able to publish this magazine each month, Lauren likes to dive into the community. She is a Windsor Chamber Ambassador and recently started attending Rotary Club of Windsor meetings. “You can’t just join the Rotary, you have to be invited. So I will just keep going until they invite me to join or tell me not to come back.” Lauren says laughing. “There are so many amazing things to be a part of here in the town of Windsor. I love the movie and the summer nights on the green concert series. People 4 Parks does the wonderful Charlie Brown Christmas Trees and this year they put on the 1st annual Love Wins in Windsor Festival. We Foundation puts on Scarecrows in the sycamore grove Windsor High School has the career fair. “I have participated in all of it!” Lauren exclaims. “That’s the joy we have of living here.”

In October of 2021 Lauren was featured as one of the ‘Women Inspiring Women in Business’, on KZST. “It was such an honor, but my favorite part was getting a chance to be on the air with Bret Ferris and Debby Abrahms. I think if I wasn’t a publisher, I would love to be a DJ- what a fun job. Not an easy job, but FUN! I have always loved listening to their show, but even more now because I know them.”

I know how many calls people get every single day that are marketing calls or someone trying to sell them something. I try to relay to them that The Windsor Connection is different from anything else around. The Windsor Connection is not hot news. We have enough of that. This magazine isn’t news at all, actually. The idea is to introduce neighbors that you might see around town. Maybe you see them in the carpool line or in the grocery store, but you don’t really KNOW them. I want to tell their stories. Everyone has a story to tell. I wanted to highlight families and residents that make Windsor what it is. We are all so disconnected lately with social media. You feel like you know someone because you see a picture of them here and there- but you don’t really know them, not really.

Everything I’ve done in life has led me to publishing this magazine. All of my skills that I gathered along the way made this the perfect fit including everything I love to do. I loved it so much that I talked 5 girlfriends into starting the same kind of magazine in their communities.

Aside from being a busy business owner, Lauren Hull is a single Mom of her 3 Sons, Mason, 17, Tristan, 13 and Jaxon, 8. My Sons are my life- everything I do is for them. I wanted to show my boys that if they work hard, they can do anything.

Mason has enjoyed growing up in Windsor. He started late in the year of 6th grade at Windsor Middle School. Many of his friends are fire victims who moved to Windsor when they were displaced. They were all new to the school and the community and they bonded. Five years later, they are all still such a tight group of friends. Mason will start the Build Academy at WHS this fall. He bought himself a brand new Mustang by saving money working at local restaurants including The Publican and Mary’s Pizza Shack. Mason is very responsible and I think he is on a good path. He is thinking about the Police Academy or becoming a Fireman.

Tristan came to the family in a very special way. Tristan is actually Lauren’s nephew, who landed in the foster system as a baby. “It was meant to be. I wanted another child, he needed a family and so we adopted each other. He is one of the strongest people I know. He has been through so much in his very short life and he always seems to push through. I always joke that Tristan is my favorite because he didn’t put me through any birth pains. Tristan is good at anything he tries. He was an avid reader at age 4- and because of that, he skipped a grade. He loves to ride his scooter, play baseball and make and edit videos. Tristan is the best big brother to Jaxon who is one of his best friends.

Jaxon is the baby of the family and is treated as such. He loves to entertain us and make us laugh. He is always happy, sweet and in good spirits. It’s difficult not to feel love and happiness whenever Jaxon is around.

It’s easy to feel happy and lucky whenever all of my kids are around me. They are my everything.

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